Event design, simply put, is all about creating the look and feel of your wedding celebration. This is ideal for those clients who have secured a venue with a strong in-house team to handle the logistics, allowing ByChenai Events to take care of transforming the space, bringing your wedding ceremony and reception rooms to life through a series of consultations, mood boards, design renderings, swatches and supplier suggestions. 

Event Design & Styling


For each section of your event, we will present you with a concise summary of the atmosphere and style we intend to create, a moodboard and a breakdown of suggestions for lighting, florist and other decor elements . We’ll help you to envisage how your spaces will look with mock table set ups, linen swatches and as many tangible pieces of the décor as we can. We'll work closely with you according to your budget and your style, to create a wedding day style that’s uniquely yours. And, of course, we’ll be there on the day to style and set up your venue, liaising with your venue co-ordinator every step of the way. 

 as this service is completely bespoke , we will provide a quote following an initial consultation, once we’ve determined the size and scale of design required.

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Our initial meeting will always begin with a conversation that is usually less about the wedding itself but more about your lives and what brings you joy – from your favourite restaurants, to your travel hotspots. All these tiny snippets of information make up the tapestry of your relationship and the way it deserves to be celebrated, and we’ll use them to inform how we proceed with the design and planning of your event. It really is all in the details!

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“She was a real delight to work with and we thoroughly enjoyed her company as well as her professionalism.” 

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