Chenai is the dynamic founder and lead planner of ByChenai Events. She's not your typical wedding events planner. She's more like your fun, creative best friend—the one always ready to plan and organise, create schedules, and manage expectations, all while keeping an eye on those little details that make everything more enjoyable. She believes that a truly memorable event is built on personal touches and seamless execution. Because she knows you're not just looking for a party; you're looking for an experience that feels personal, where every detail speaks to your unique story and style, allowing you and your guests to create lasting memories. 


Creative Wedding & Event Planner For Authentic, Stylish Celebrations

That's why, when you have ByChenai Events as your wedding and party planners, you'll find yourself in a spectacular, heartfelt celebration where every moment and detail is infused with meaning and joy — every element, from bespoke decorations to immersive experiences, thoughtfully arranged to perfection. Her approach blends rigorous organisation with creative flair, ensuring your day is not only flawlessly executed but also reflects your personality and style. In essence, Chenai will handle all the intricacies of planning and design, so the result is an exquisite event that feels effortlessly yours. 

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Chenai started her eponymous boutique event business in 2017 to combine her love of hosting, celebrating and working closely with people. In this short time, Chenai has already been named one of the top wedding planners in the world by Harper’s Bazaar and built a reputation amongst industry peers as one of the best wedding planners in London. A creative mind with a professional background in retail supply chain management, she draws heavily on her skills and experience in logistics and managing supplier relationships to deliver weddings and parties that are executed seamlessly. Chenai is a natural extrovert. A lover of good food, good music (she’s a big believer in the uplifting power of a 30 second dance break at any time of the day!), she is and a creative city girl who understands the ingredients needed for an unforgettable party. 

She’s unflappable and an expert multitasker who takes time to design both the overall experience, and the individual details of every event she’s involved with. People are at the heart of ByChenai Events, and Chenai invests a lot of time and energy into forging close relationships with her clients, often remaining friends long after their event is over. With a brilliant network of the best suppliers in the industry, Chenai and her team prides herself on being able to match every client with the right supplier for their style – celebrating talented wedding industry peers, and creating incredible expressions of her couples’ love stories. As a luxury wedding planner in London, Chenai is also a recommended planning and styling partner at some of London's premier contemporary venues.

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“Chenai has the wonderfully rare combination of being able to communicate a creative vision, being able to deliver on it and executing it all with a smile.” 

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