With impeccable taste and a flair for the creative, Chenai adores any opportunity to plan luxury parties for discerning clients. She will bring her creative eye, spirit of fun and attention to the tiniest of details to ensure you have a truly special party. From Christenings to big birthday parties, fabulous anniverary dinners and cultural celebrations, Chenai will work through every element of your party planning with you. This service is completely bespoke, and can include sourcing the best venues, designing fresh and modern concepts for room décor, finding outstanding vendors, set up and styling or a combination of all of these..

Party Planning


As this is a bespoke service , the price is dependent on your requirements, size and scale of the celebration. 

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Our initial meeting will always begin with a conversation that is usually less about the wedding itself but more about your lives and what brings you joy – from your favourite restaurants, to your travel hotspots. All these tiny snippets of information make up the tapestry of your relationship and the way it deserves to be celebrated, and we’ll use them to inform how we proceed with the design and planning of your event. It really is all in the details!

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“She was a real delight to work with and we thoroughly enjoyed her company as well as her professionalism.” 

I'd love to get to know you and find out about your dream wedding!






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