Janat and James hosted their marquee wedding at their family home in Suffolk, fusing English and Ugandan cultures for a spectacular weekend celebration. The setup involved a complex build, from the marquee at home to the glamping village we constructed on a nearby farm and the full-on rave in the woods. Despite the complexities, the outcome was truly remarkable. Colour and joy was the theme. The couple wanted an explosion of colour to fill the dining tent and creative food offerings that delighted their guests. The ceremony took place in the manicured gardens, where floral arrangements in bold tones of blue, orange, purple, and pink provided a stunning visual contrast against the lush greenery. This same vibrant feel carried through to the dinner and after-party, maintaining a consistent and striking atmosphere throughout the event.

Janat & James

At home Marquee wedding featuring Bold colours

“Chenai has the wonderfully rare combination of being able to communicate a creative vision, being able to deliver on it and executing it all with a smile.” 



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