Our US based couple, Ocheme and Rimma, celebrated their destination wedding in spectacular style at the iconic Natural History Museum in London. The day began with their ceremony at the gothic Farm Street Church in Mayfair, setting the tone for an unforgettable celebration. Guests then transitioned to the museum, where they were welcomed into the grandeur of Hintze Hall for an elegant reception—a setting we won't soon forget. Embracing the motto that there's so much elegance in simplicity, we wanted to highlight O&R's personal style while allowing this iconic space to shine in all its glory. The lighting was thoughtfully designed; it began with warm, elegant tones that seamlessly transitioned to a brighter, party mood after dinner, enhancing both the atmosphere and the architectural beauty of the Hintze Hall. This epic wedding day came together thanks to a fabulous team, and we remain captivated by the incredible visual feast captured by Zeal Photography. 

& rimma

Iconic Natural History Museum wedding in london

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“Chenai has the wonderfully rare combination of being able to communicate a creative vision, being able to deliver on it and executing it all with a smile.” 



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