NEWLY ENGAGED ? These are the 4 things you must do first.

1. Take time to really enjoy it.

Share the news, bore your best gals/guys with the proposal story. They love you so they too will share in your joy. Throw a party! (Ok so this isn’t necessary at all but I love any excuse to do so ) ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

2. Don’t rush into major decision making about the wedding.

You will be bombarded with well meaning offers of help and advice, news articles and magazines telling you what you should be buying etc. Again take time to distil some ideas, get inspired and start thinking about what kind of day you want.

3. For crying out loud don’t go on a dumb diet.

Don’t do it. Wellness is important, yes, so keep going to your classes and training if that’s what you love, eat well, prioritise rest and quality sleep but the last thing you need is unnecessary pressure to fit into an ideal that may not be right for you. And to invite insecurity and self doubt during what should be an awesome and exciting time. ⠀

4. Ask for help.

Once you’re over the initial excitement and have had time to think about a date for your wedding, where you might want it to be etc, hire a wedding planner. I am here to take care of the logistics and help you have the day you want your way. If you don’t think that’s right for you, asking those closest to you to help with tasks to make the wedding planning journey smooth sailing, is a must.

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NEWLY ENGAGED ? These are the 4 things you must do first.

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