Corporate offsites and business away days offer precious time to bond, celebrate success, strategise, and just enjoy the company of peers away from the day-to-day work environment. They provide an opportunity to talk about work, without the pressures of doing the work, and are an integral part of the corporate experience, fostering renewed enthusiasm and engagement within the workplace. 

Working lives are busy, and unconscious habits can form in the blink of an eye. An off-site or away day is the perfect opportunity to break and shake up these habits, reigniting motivation and productivity that benefit both the company and its employees. 

We will collaborate closely with you to curate and craft team building away days, corporate retreats and family day events that are not only fun-filled but also perfectly equipped for those all important business briefings, strategy sessions and skill development. 

Corporate Away Days & Team Building Events

planning a team away day? we blend creativity and expertise to create tailored experiences that inspire, rejuvanate and engage your workforce.

Our unique address book is filled with venues, locations, and undiscovered gems across London and the UK — from chic penthouses in the heart of the City to eco-retreats in the depths of the Scottish wilderness. Our creative event planning team will scout the perfect setting to host your corporate away day or weekend. We believe in elevating each experience, bringing fresh ideas and exciting concepts that surprise and delight. We blend creativity, fun and logistical expertise to ensure that your corporate events not only engage your team, but also deliver the business results you need. 

What sets us apart, is that we bring a deep joy of celebration to every occasion; and this is no different for a team building event or corporate retreat. Acting as an extension of your team, we understand your objectives and craft an unforgettable itinerary which will bring joy to your employees and to celebrate their achievements. 

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Infusing business away days with celebratory spirit & Strategic focus

Our event management services for corporate away days and team building events include, but not limited to:






Our creative event planning team can also take care of the summer and Christmas parties, crafting celebrations that foster team bonding and enhance a sense of belonging, all while being perfectly tailored to your company's culture.

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We’ve had a pleasure to work with Chenai on a few projects. Each time we are impressed with not only her professionalism leading to the event, but also with the final outcome, and that’s the most important point for us. Her concepts are stylish, unique and emotive. Highly recommended!

— Michal K


Our initial meeting starts with a conversation that often ventures beyond the event itself and into what makes your company unique—from your corporate values to your most successful projects. We also delve into your event's business objectives and what you aim to achieve. These insights help us weave the fabric of your brand’s identity and vision, ensuring these elements shine through in your event. We take these details to heart, letting them guide the design and planning of your event to deliver impactful results.

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At this stage we’d just need to know a few details about your event such as the date, event type, number of attendees and your budget.


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We’ll arrange a video or a phone call to get to know your brand, to find out more about the brief, and your business objectives for the event. We will take this information and create a proposal for you, which will be the basis of our quotation, you will receive this within a few days following the call.  

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Once you confirm Corporate Event Planning with ByChenai Experiences, we immediately start developing the concept from the proposal. This is where you sit back  and focus on your core responsibilities while we bring together the best team of suppliers to deliver a successful event.

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“She is reliable and if you have a vision for your event she will make it happen... and if you don't have a clue she will help you find it.” 

I'd love to get to know your brand and find out about your next corporate event!






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