Celebrations of any kind are one of ByChenai Experience’s specialities. We love nothing more than crafting joyful gatherings, no matter the occasion, and our team of expert corporate event planners is here to bring your next event to life. 

Special Corporate Events & Family Experiences

we help you plan extraordinary corporate christmas events and summer parties that transform dreaded gatherings into eagerly anticipated celebrations, making employees feel special, clients feel privileged, and your events the talk of the town

Corporate summer and Christmas parties are wonderful occasions to bring people together and celebrate collective successes, whether they be for employees or clients. Networking is a key element of these types of corporate events, and we will design your event with this in mind, ensuring seamless interaction and conversation. When hosting clients, you want to be able to forge new connections and all important relationships. For colleagues, the goal is to nurture existing relationships and boost morale, and this is always at the forefront of our planning. 

We can organise these events at unique and captivating venues based on your requirements, or transform your office with creative design elements to create impact settings. Our team also excels at crafting thoughtful gift ideas and presentations, ensuring every detail is meticulously curated. From imaginative themes to dynamic venues, we elevate each experience to reflect your brand and delight your guests.

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Corporate Christmas & Summer Events

While we all enjoy a good Christmas party, there are many other corporate events where our dedicated team excels. Whether it's a large scale reception, gala dinner, or a charity auction and fundraiser, we bring fresh ideas and exciting concepts that get people talking and build momentum for the occasion.

The beauty of these events is that they’re often annual or bi-annual, so we thrive on the challenge of taking what we did the year before and elevating the experience even further than previously thought possible! 

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Annual & Bi-annual Corporate Socials

Companies and brands are often looking for ways to encourage their teams back to the office, and a wonderful social way to do this is by hosting a ‘Family Day’ or ‘Bring Your Children To Work Day’. Our team loves to create these family-focused fun day events. Imagine the delight and excitement on the children’s faces when they arrive to their parent’s workplace, and discover a giant pirate ship in the foyer, ready for exploration, with immersive actors popping up, whisking them off into a different world, face painters and other activities for everyone to enjoy. 

These fun day events offer employers a chance to give something back to their employees, providing an experience that their families can also appreciate and enjoy. For us, it’s about crafting an event that everyone will love. We will carefully curate a concept which looks after every guest, no matter their age, with food and beverages, music and entertainers, activities, set design and production all being a key focus. We will incorporate new and emerging trends to keep the event relevant to the audience, consider the latest releases in films and music to develop an overarching concept and theme for the event. Whether it’s a themed adventure or a creative workshop, we ensure that every detail is thoughtfully planned and executed, making your corporate family event truly memorable.

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Corporate Family & Fun day Events

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Our initial meeting starts with a conversation that often ventures beyond the event itself and into what makes your company unique—from your corporate values to your most successful projects. We also delve into your event's business objectives and what you aim to achieve. These insights help us weave the fabric of your brand’s identity and vision, ensuring these elements shine through in your event. We take these details to heart, letting them guide the design and planning of your event to deliver impactful results.

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At this stage we’d just need to know a few details about your event such as the date, event type, number of attendees and your budget.


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We’ll arrange a video or a phone call to get to know your brand, to find out more about the brief, and your business objectives for the event. We will take this information and create a proposal for you, which will be the basis of our quotation, you will receive this within a few days following the call.  

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Consultation video or telephone call

Once you confirm Corporate Event Planning with ByChenai Experiences, we immediately start developing the concept from the proposal. This is where you sit back  and focus on your core responsibilities while we bring together the best team of suppliers to deliver a successful event.

STEP three

Say Yes!

We’ve had a pleasure to work with Chenai on a few projects. Each time we are impressed with not only her professionalism leading to the event, but also with the final outcome, and that’s the most important point for us. Her concepts are stylish, unique and emotive. Highly recommended!

— Michal K

“She is incredibly organised and has an amazing eye for detail which enables her to create really visually stunning events” 

I'd love to get to know your brand and find out about your next corporate event!






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