How much does a wedding planner cost?

Now that you have more of an understanding of what professional wedding planners do and how they can help you, it’s key to get an understanding of how much they cost so you can factor this into your wedding planning.


It’s important to preface this piece by saying that wedding planners costs are reflective of more than just the time (an average 200-300 hours) it takes to plan a wedding. They are reflective of our experience, the logistics we need to manage, ability to identify opportunities to maximise our client’s budgets, they cover our business costs, the team we will have in place to support on the day, our ability to save you money and the many benefits you receive from tapping into our trusted networks.

We are experts at planning weddings in dry hire spaces as well as purpose built structures, marquees at home for example, as well as transforming spaces to meet the expectations you have for your big day. Planners in the Luxury wedding space particularly, don’t crowd their calendars , you are normally part of a small group of clients who we take on annually to ensure you get the attention your celebration deserves.

Costs of Full Wedding Planning Support

Generally speaking, pricing is dependent upon the level of support and services you require. Most UK wedding planners charge a Percentage of your total budget .

  • The industry average is between 10 -15% of your total budget and normally there will be minimum fees that apply.
  • Minimum fees for reputable wedding planners in the UK can range from £5000 – £10000*
  • For high end, big budget weddings (6 figures and above) a fixed fee will often be offered to clients.
  • ByChenai Events offers a very comprehensive full wedding planning service and for weddings of 100+ guests we charge 12% of the budget and we are happy to agree fixed fees for very large budgets . The same fixed fee approach is applied for multi day or weekend weddings where more than one event needs to be planned . Events such as welcome parties, rehearsal dinners and recovery brunches.
  • For smaller and less complex weddings, the minimum fee would be applied over a percentage here at ByChenai Events.

Costs of Micro Weddings

Ever changing regulations during this pandemic has seen weddings of just 15 or 30 guests allowed – this is classed as a micro wedding. Couples are still engaging planners to support them with these types of weddings. We are here to help source venues appropriate for smaller numbers, help you transform the space and source the best suppliers permitted within the guidelines. Most wedding planners have a fixed fee approach to this as well.

Cost of Wedding Day Management /On the Day Coordination

This service is for those of you who have organised most of your wedding but would like someone to handover to , a professional who can manage suppliers, oversee the set up and ensure timings are adhered to on the day, amongst other things.

  • Reputable Wedding day coordinators charge a fixed fee. That can start at £950 , this starting figure is normally for those who specify a limited number of hours.
  • For a full day of support with more hours cover, you can expect to pay in the region of £1200 – £1500, again should your wedding have large guests numbers and added complexity, this must be taken into account as the fees will increase. This is the case at ByChenai Events.


Event Design & Decor only services really vary and this is because size , scale and scope of work has to be determined before even a tentative quote can be provided. That is a key point to bear in mind when approaching a wedding planner or event designer. It is useful to get in touch when you have a venue/location in place at the very least and the venue should ideally have a strong in-house team who we as designers can collaborate with.

Extra Costs

Often there little to no hidden costs in the fees however, you must always ask the planner you are engaging if they charge travel and accommodation separately for example. It’s not uncommon for planners to require accommodation if the wedding is happening over a few days or is in another part of the country.

If you would like to talk about this in more detail and you think hiring a wedding planner would suit your plans, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d love to have a virtual coffee with you!

*researched in UK wedding market in 2020 , all information is a guide, specific prices are provided by planners based on their skills and experience.

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How much does a wedding planner cost?

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