This is our most comprehensive service, ensuring that Chenai is with you along every step of the wedding planning journey. Chenai will get to know you, and your style, and will agree what level of involvement you want to have; ultimately designing a plan that ensures you have the wedding you envisioned. ByChenai relishes the opportunity to work with couples who want to transform spaces and deliver exceptional celebratory experiences for their guests.

Wedding Planning

INVESTMENT : 12% -15% OF YOUR BUDGET SPEND, fixed fees can be arranged for larger budgets.

Regular face-to-face contact and unlimited telephone support throughout the planning for up to 12 months of planning.

Designing a concept for the wedding you desire, showing you the look and feel of your event and giving you a flavour of the atmosphere you can expect.

Sourcing a talented team who are a great fit for your wedding.
Drawing from our network of exceptional suppliers, Chenai will shortlist those that match your budget and will be able to instinctively understand and execute the wedding celebration you want.

Venue recommendation and/or selection if required.

Complete management of the wedding budget.
Chenai will create a payment schedule for you to refer to for all vendor services. 

Complete management of all vendors /suppliers.

Wedding day timelines and schedule compilation.
We will work with you to create a schedule for the day and ensure the schedule is adhered to by all involved. 

Overseeing the wedding day set up and breakdown.
Chenai is usually with you long after bouquets are tossed, high heels are off and the dance floor is thinning out.

Rehearsal management if required - especially for weekend long celebrations.

Travel and accommodation support for weekend / multi day celebrations can be arranged by prior agreement.

The service includes but is not limited to: 

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Our initial meeting will always begin with a conversation that is usually less about the wedding itself but more about your lives and what brings you joy – from your favourite restaurants, to your travel hotspots. All these tiny snippets of information make up the tapestry of your relationship and the way it deserves to be celebrated, and we’ll use them to inform how we proceed with the design and planning of your event. It really is all in the details!

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“Her hard work enabled me to have a truly a rare experience- a day where I had the freedom to focus on simply having the best experience possible.” 

I'd love to get to know you and find out about your dream wedding!






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