Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

A visit to London’s Hatton Gardens to see how engagement rings are made by a family run business, Diamonds Hatton Garden.

As full service wedding planner, my clients often come to me for recommendations for all manner of wedding related things. My work usually starts with clients once they are engaged, sometimes one partner would have proposed with an heirloom which acts as place holder for a ring they can choose together at a later time. I’ve always been curious as to the process of ring making and I do like diamonds , so one (pre lockdown) afternoon I took a stroll through the historic heart of London’s jewellery quarter to meet the team at Diamonds Hatton Garden.

The team at DHG, a family run business, have assisted generations of clients across the world with all of their jewellery needs. From diamond engagement rings to bespoke pieces, fabulous fancy coloured diamonds to costume jewellery. The team may be small but their knowledge and passion are, conversely, very big.

On entering the recently renovated workshop, the centuries worth of knowledge, tradition and passion seem to inhabit every work bench that the team of craftsmen sit upon. As the whizzing and buzzing of various tools create a background hum, Daniel, 3rd generation jeweller, shares his insights into the industry.

“When a prospective groom arrives at our workshop I think that he is as interested in the creation of a piece as he is with the idea of marrying his love. It makes me proud to see the excitement on clients’ faces as they can see our teams creating pieces in front of their very eyes. This is an excitement and passion that we also share. ”

It is this love of their craft, a real joy in what they do, that is apparent when visiting their workshop. The teams comprised of four jewellers, two gemologists as well as Daniel and his father radiate a warm, proudful attitude.

DHG see what they do as a continuation of a long tradition. They really try to understand their clients, tastes, interests and style in order to help them find the perfect engagement ring. For them , it is not about spending three months worth of salary but about finding something that truly captures their partner and their relationship.

It is this care that can be seen from both the work being undertaken and the welcome that I received. Arriving in the workshop feels like a step back through time where talent, exceptional material and tradition combine to produce beautiful pieces of jewellery.

The Infamous 4 Cs…

“We aren’t a huge company who will forget your name we are a smaller one who takes the time to be supportive. We like to guide our clients and to take them on a very special journey. The very top tip I can offer my clients is to consider the 4cs. The price of diamonds is influenced by what is known as the 4 Cs – Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat.”

Clarity is the number of small blemishes or inclusions found in the diamond and the clearer the diamond (FL being the highest grade) the higher the price.

Cut, interestingly does not refer to the shape of a diamond, but more about the skill of the cutter and is judged on a range of factors including symmetry, proportion and polish. These are key factors that relate to how the light is internally refracted within the diamond that gives it more sparkle. The better the cut the better the sparkle.

Colour, as you can imagine, relates to the colour of the diamond and is judged on a scale of D to Z. The higher on the scale, closest to D, the diamond is judged to be coloured meaning that the diamond is perfectly transparent with no hue, or colour.

Finally, the carat refers to the size of the diamond. Essentially, when buying a diamond all of these factors, or scales, influence the price of a diamond. Those diamonds that are judged, independently by leading gemological associations, to be higher on the scale command a higher price due to their rarity and the combination of these 4 elements.

What if you are looking for something very, very different?

DHG can help you with that too. One of the biggest things they are proud of is their inventory of fancy coloured diamonds. These diamonds are the rarest of the rarest and make for the most exceptional pieces of jewellery. Daniel’s father is the mastermind behind this side of our business and, in recent years, they have become more well known for our coloured diamonds than their clear diamond jewellery. Whatever the client wants they will do for them.

As I wander through the workshop, drills and machines still humming, I can’t help but relate to the philosophy of the business. Much like my own, I too believe in exceptional service, of supporting and assisting a client. Tradition and modernity both meet in the style that Bychenai has and, I do believe, that offering a specialist service is far better than trying to do everything. Leaving the workshop I reflect on the experience. It seems far away from the vast boutiques of Graff or of Tiffany’s . Independents can offer a truly one of a kind, unique experience that has a true personal touch and I highly recomemnd a visit!

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

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